Jade Eggs

Benefits of Jade Eggs

Jade eggs are used internally in the vagina to assist with regaining pelvic floor control, strength and coordination to support your internal pelvic organs and continence through childbirth and ageing. But these neat little eggs can do even more than you think.

Many women experience incontinence in various forms throughout their lives. A third of women aged between 35 – 55 leak urine. Incontinence means leaking urine from the bladder or faecal matter from the bowel. It’s an embarrassing problem for many who never seek help because they believe it’s a normal part of life. Incontinence is NOT normal and you don’t need to live with it. Using Jade Eggs with kegel exercises as part of a pelvic floor program can benefit many women. However, it is important to know that it is not suitable for everyone see our post on When not to use Yoni Jade Eggs.

Benefits of Yoni Eggs:

  • Reconnect with your pelvic bowl
  • Connect with your feminine energy
  • Continence (no leaking of urine or faeces)
  • Greater awareness of your pelvic floor muscles
  • Increased strength of the vaginal muscles
  • Improved breath mechanics
  • Heightened sensitivity to the female genitalia
  • Increased libido created by increased blood flow
  • Better sex
  • Increased natural vaginal lubrication
  • Ability to achieve strong and intensely pleasurable orgasm(s)
  • Improved structural support for the pelvic organs
  • More effective and efficient than normal pelvic floor exercise as you have a resistance for the muscles in ‘squeeze and lift’ exercise program
  • Help with self-confidence
  • Reduce stress and anxiety

What does the word Yoni stand for?

Yoni is a representation of the aHindu goddess Shakti. Yoni in Sanskrit word is believed to represent in literal terms the womb and the female sexual organs.


Many women unfortunately have a block around their sexual energy and power. Did you know your reproductive and sexual organs are related to the sacral chakra? Why is this so important you may ask. The sacra chakra governs emotional and energetic flow around relationships. This is our relationship to family (parents, partner, children), work and our relationship to money.

All of these areas are intertwined with one another. Wherever we chose to focus our energy we improve. So if you're having issues with any of the above mentioned areas, consider giving your vagina some attention. Using Yoni eggs is a great way to start, using a precious stone to nurture your reproductive and sexual organs, utilising the energy stored in these stones to strengthen and empower your sacral chakra and help you reconnect with your feminine energy and pelvic bowl.

Stress less

Taking time out to nurture yourself is one of the benefits of Jade Eggs. Just like buying a new pair of runners to motivate you to start getting fit, buying a beautiful set of Jade Eggs can be the start to relieving your stress. The difference about working with Jade Eggs is that it's a holistic practice meaning it encompasses physical, emotional and mental energy. We recommend as little as 10 minutes a day to work with your Jade Egg. Setting yourself up in a warm, comfortable and safe space to switch off from your mind-chatter and be mindful and present with your practice. When you allow yourself to be in this state you'll reap the benefits quicker.

Better Sex? Yes Please!

If you have a less than fulfilling sex life working with a Jade egg or Yoni wand to strengthen your pelvic floor can help. By increasing your sensitivity and awareness in your vagina you awaken nerve endings that sense pleasure, when you orgasm your pelvic floor muscles contract, the stronger they are the stronger you'll orgasm. More orgasms also help keep your pelvic floor toned. When working with your pelvic floor you also encourage it to become flexible. This will allow for easier penetration when having sex with your partner. As for issues with vaginal muscles dryness, a regular Jade Egg practice helps stimulate blood flow and reduce stress and anxiety which can have a positive effect on your sex hormones. All this can lead to better natural vaginal lubrication when aroused.

Just like regular exercise to keep you fit your pelvic floor also needs attention. Practicing regularly with a Jade Egg is a fun gentle workout for your pelvic floor. Remember where your attention goes, energy flows.

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The Benefits of Jade Eggs