Jade Egg FAQ

How do I know if it is real Jade?

There are different forms of jade available. The jade we use is certified authentic nephrite Jade. One of only two forms of Jade available (the other being jadeite).

True nephrite jade is:

  • Heavy to hold
  • Cold to the touch even in warm weather
  • Hard enough on the Mohl’s scale to scratch glass

We do not sell inferior jade substitutes such as xiujan jade, helu jade or serpentine jade. Our Jade is 100% natural, undyed and untreated.

What are the qualities of Nephrite Jade?

Nephrite Jade is a powerful protective stone which harnesses the Divine energy to balance and harmonise feminine and masculine energies. Its strong colouring helps heal the heart chakra. This chakra relates to the emotion of Love- receiving and giving love, unconditional love and most importantly self-acceptance. It is also beneficial in assisting normal function of the kidneys. Nephrite Jade's energetic properties help to stabilise emotions, fragile relationships as well as clear negative energy. Using these stone will bring about a sense of strength, confidence and calm.

What are the qualities of Rose Quartz?

Rose quartz is the stone of love and relationships. It nurtures both the heart (love) and sacral (relationships) chakra. It has a strong feminine energy that is expansive helping bring love into any situation including love of self and others. It can open doors to relationships and emits a peaceful and soothing energy.

What are the qualities of Obsidian?

Obsidian has strong protective qualities and helps ground sensitive souls. It is excellent at protecting those against abuse and helps to strengthen the internal organs and muscles.

What are the qualities of Amethyst?

Amethyst helps connect us with our higher spiritual self. The stone of intuition it relates to the third eye chakra. It connects our emotional, physical and spiritual self to help balance our internal and external world.

How are the stones manufactured?

Large pieces of various stone are sourced, high-quality pieces of stone are selected and each egg hand-shaped, they are then smoothed to a polished finish in a tumbler and a hole carefully drilled by hand. Each set of eggs is personally inspected before it is shipped to you.

True jade is highly sought after and comes in different forms dependent on its origin. This includes Chinese, Burmese, Canadian and New Zealand Jade. The traditional light translucent Jade from China no longer exists apart from very old ornaments and carvings already made. It is often obtained from the centre of the stone with cheaper but still true jade obtained from the outer part of the stone. Many manufacturers try to simulate the aesthetics of jade by dyeing and treating stones to give it a vibrant green appearance.

There are also cheaper more abundant stones of the serpentine variety which are often labelled as Jade: xiujan jade and helu jade. But beware these are not true Jade. Rather, they are a form of serpentine stone with a rich marbled green colour. It is also associated with asbestos fibres which although safe when a stone is whole we would rather not be using these for vaginal use. In addition to this serpentine forms of jade are much softer. We use high-quality nephrite jade for our Jade Eggs.

This is a true jade that comes with gem certification of authenticity. The hardness is superior to any of our stones and the egg of choice when it comes to pelvic floor work. Our other stones available are:

  • Rose quartz – a beautiful light pink translucent stone known for facilitating the energy of love
  • Obsidian – a rich opaque black stone known for its grounding properties
  • Amethyst – a gorgeous translucent purple stone known for its amazing healing properties as well as reconnecting on with their intuition and creative power

Which Chakra is the pelvic floor associated with?

The pelvic floor lies in the second chakra also known as the sacral chakra. It is associated with the colour orange. The second chakra governs relationships in our lives: personal, spousal, family (parents and children), sexuality, sensuality, creativity, work and contracts. As well as sex, money and power.

Energetically for a healthy and vibrant body we need to be connected and have free flow between all seven chakras. For various reasons, the second chakra is commonly blocked in many women affecting their relationships with themselves and others including the people they attract in their lives and the pleasure available to them in sexual relationships.

Issues with the second chakra can manifest physically as tension externally around the lower abdomen, buttocks and inner thigh, internally has endometriosis, miscarriage, pain with sex, incontinence, bloating etc…

Often these issues will arise from an emotional seed, an event, experience, beliefs or trauma. If we don’t have the space to express or environment to let go of these emotions they may manifest in our body as pain and discomfort. Sometimes we disconnect with areas, ignore them because it’s too painful. When left too long these emotional issues can manifest as physical pain. Some people may find it difficult to use a Jade Egg or it may not be appropriate due to certain conditions – please see our When Not to Use Jade Eggs post for more details. Often these issues can be resolved by correct assessment with a pelvic floor physiotherapist who can help facilitate and create a safe space for you to release emotions during treatment. Then, you may be able to strengthen your recovery using Jade Eggs with the approval of your practitioner.