Yoni Wands: Gemstone Pleasure Massage Wand


  • Increase self-awareness
  • Discover your divinity in sacred self-pleasure.
  • Intensify sensation and pleasure
  • Enhance the libido, boost the likelihood of achieving mind-blowing orgasms and enable a deeper intimacy with your partner.
  • Eliminate negative energy and facilitate healing 
  • Awaken sensuality and foster self-love
  • Reconnect each one of your senses to your physical being.

There is a sensual side in all of us just waiting to awaken. How does someone unleash the highest potential of one’s sensuality? First, know thyself. Secondly, love thyself. Lastly, heal thyself. Navigating the path towards a deeper sexual connection to yourself is a journey and we are here to guide you through it.

In this world where sensuality falls into misapprehension and commoditization, we want to address those challenges. We want to break the stigma. That’s why our company designed a yoni wand to accompany you in a quest for self-awareness, self-love, and self-healing. This precious piece crafted from natural gemstones is a cherished symbol in Eastern culture since ancient times granting freedom of expression, creativity, life, and love. 

How Can Our Yoni Wands Help You?

By harnessing sexual energy, facilitating healing from within, and nurturing the mind-body connection. Crystals are powerful aphrodisiacs. Using crystals for self-pleasure, sex and overall health will channel vitalizing energy to your mind and body. 

Reproductive issues, sexual problems, and toxic relationships all play a huge role in physical and emotional stress. These negative experiences pave the way for creating areas of numbness in the vagina and cervical area. Numbness and disconnection are the results of the vagina “armoring” itself against threats. This limits one’s capacity for pleasure, intimacy, and self-empowerment.

Regular use of wands will help “de-armor” your sacred space by releasing tension and stimulating the sensitivity in your pelvic area. This intimate “de-armoring” process reconnects your inner self to your body to kindle the fire and passionate energy inside you. 

Here are some invigorating and life-changing benefits of de-armoring using Pelvic Floor Strength wands:

  • Increases self-awareness – Knowing what corrupts your sexual health is the first step. From there, you will learn what you should eliminate, change or improve. That’s where these crystals can make all the difference. Knowing yourself creates a deeper connection between the mental and physical. The crystals activate the energy to let you take full control of this amazing sexual power inside you. Discover your divinity in sacred self-pleasure.
  • Intensifies sensation and pleasure by releasing the tension and stress in your pelvic area. In return, this increases sensitivity and restores its capacity for pleasure. Taking charge of your sexual energy is the best and only way to revolutionize your sex life. These amorous crystals enhance the libido, boost the likelihood of achieving mind-blowing orgasms and enable a deeper intimacy with your partner.
  • Eliminates negative energy and facilitates healing – From vaginal numbness to painful sex and from uncontrollable anxiety to sexual shame, the use of yoni crystals has helped women to overcome these challenges. The yoni wand unblocks your sexual energy to help you recover. It serves as a great catalyst for sensual growth and healing on so many levels. You have the power within yourself to heal and prosper in life.
  • Awakens sensuality and fosters self-love – Reclaim your body and your birthright for sensuality. Reconnect each one of your senses to your physical being. As you explore, it will ignite your sensual radiance and vitality. Take good care of yourself by making rejuvenating yoni exercises a habit. Each passing day, you will come to realize your full potential and know your worth. As you learn to love yourself, your life will begin to bloom.


Our Collection

Our line of wands is beautifully crafted using a variety of natural gemstones and crystals. Each wand has a fine, smooth surface as it’s made from 100% natural stones and polished by hand.

Like our yoni eggs, pleasure wands are free from dyes, chemicals and artificial treatments making them safe to use. They can be used dry, wet or with lubricants. With an optimal size of 110mm (length) by 25mm (width), it’s the best tool for sacred self-pleasure, healing, and sexual activities.

  • Clear Quartz – This transparent crystal is the most versatile healing stone of all the crystals. Widely liked for their “frozen” beauty, they are also highly-prized for their ability to dispel physical, mental and spiritual blockages. Quartz helps to cleanse your sexual centers so that the vitalizing energy can flow free. 
  • Amethyst – The deep lavender shade of this stunning crystal is calming. It helps in clearing negative sexual patterns and relaxes the mind and body by relieving stress and anxiety. Amethyst wands will unlock your intimate gateway of pleasure.
  • Rose Quartz – This pink-tinged rose quartz crystal is the ultimate stone of love. It cultivates self-love and opens the heart to love and trust between you and your significant other. Use it to reinvigorate the intimate connection and revive the passion in your relationship.
  • Obsidian – This mysterious jet-black stone serves as powerful protection. It purifies your aura and shields you against any negativity. By sealing new sexual energy, pleasure and intimacy will flourish within yourself and your lover.


How To Use Yoni Wands?

A yoni wand ritual is an excellent self-love practice, as well as, an electrifying sexual experience. With its natural cool sensation, it feels great and exciting against the heat of your skin. For a fiery experience, you can also warm it up by soaking it in lukewarm water. Here are effective ways on how to use your crystals:

  • Place them near you at night – Whether you tuck it underneath your pillow or place it by the nightstand, keep it close to rejuvenate your energy as you sleep.
  • Place them in your bathtub – An evening-long soak after a tiring day with these crystals will help recharge your energy and relax your body and soul.
  • Place them on your body – Nothing beats the direct contact of these precious stones. Use it to gently stimulate the petal-soft folds of your womanhood. But don’t limit these wands to just sexual arousal. You can also use it to massage the acupressure points to balance the flow of energy inside the body.
  • Use them with your partner – These crystals pave the way for both giving and receiving energy. You and your partner can perform a crystal massage wand ritual to stimulate erotic sensation, enhance sexual fulfilment and strengthen intimacy.

Today is the best time to start your journey towards awareness, love, and healing. Access the infinite power that you hold inside. Experience pure bliss and the gift of sensuality as you open yourself to receiving pleasure in every aspect of your life. Banish all the toxic energy. Rejuvenate and refresh with this vital energy.

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Note: This product should not be used rectally


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